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Video: Part 1 of camera sketch – roughing it out

I know, I know. It’s been a while right?  No videos, no updates etc etc. I’ve had my hands in a few things lately and needless to say, I’v e been SUPER busy. I have some good plans for the site though– a way to simplify things if you will (more on that later, as […]

Sketch-A-Day 36

20 mins – pencil + markers

Sketch-A-Day 23

Pencil + Photoshop

Sketch-A-Day 11: Eyewear Scribbles

Prismacolor Pencil on Tracing Paper.

Sketch-A-Day 8: Prismacolor Pencil

Practicing with prismacolor pencil. I may stick with this medium for a bit till it gets back up to par.

Video Tutorial: Pencil Sketching

As promised, a new video for you to check out. I tried to focus on just pencils in this one rather than getting into marker. We have a couple more car videos coming, but mind you, we’re not car designers. Just so happens we got on a car kick for a bit… As always, experiment […]

Marker Sketch Tutorial: Luggage

Okay, here’s another sketch tutorial for you. We’ve received a couple requests for more marker demos with traditional media, so I broke it down for you in a few steps. People always ask what’s the key to laying down some good marker or pencil – I think the answer is really simple. Relax, and have fun and […]

Interview: Worthy of a Gallery – Mr. John Bell

We searched far and wide and found an amazing talent to interview this month. His name is John Bell and his work is definitely worthy of a gallery. Mr. Bell has an Industrial Design background but followed a career and passion for concept art and movies. He has had a distinguished career (working on some […]

Toolbox: Basic Marker Cube

Alot of people have been asking for this, so i finally decided to do it . . .  but this time in step-by-step style without the video. Go easy on me. If something isn’t terribly clear, feel free to email us or comment and we’ll update this post to make it water tight. First off, […]

Video tutorial: Form Development

As a designer it is important to be a form giver. One of the hardest things to do with a sketch is making something 2d appear 3d by giving it structure and a feeling of substance. Sometimes searching for form and developing surface is a matter of diving into some scrappy sketch exploration. This video […]

Video Tutorial: Scooter Sketch

I’ve been wanting to buy one of these for some time now, but since I can’t, i thought I’d just do a sketch demo of one. The video starts out with some basic perspective construction principles and then shows how these relate or help me build the scooter in perspective. I’m using Bienfang Tracing paper […]

Video: Gaming Mouse

Sketching demonstration featuring a gaming mouse. Presented by Spencer Nugent. Read on for the final Scan of the mouse.