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Marker Sketch Tutorial: Luggage

Okay, here’s another sketch tutorial for you. We’ve received a couple requests for more marker demos with traditional media, so I broke it down for you in a few steps. People always ask what’s the key to laying down some good marker or pencil – I think the answer is really simple. Relax, and have fun and […]

Toolbox: Basic Marker Cube

Alot of people have been asking for this, so i finally decided to do it . . .  but this time in step-by-step style without the video. Go easy on me. If something isn’t terribly clear, feel free to email us or comment and we’ll update this post to make it water tight. First off, […]

Video Tutorial: Simple Cutaway View

Sketches can be very effective communication tools. Take the cutaway view. Without it, I would have no idea that the inside of these spheres is green goo. A cutaway view of an object is one that shows the outer as well as inner features of a given design. The easy way to do one is […]

Video Tutorial: Scooter Sketch

I’ve been wanting to buy one of these for some time now, but since I can’t, i thought I’d just do a sketch demo of one. The video starts out with some basic perspective construction principles and then shows how these relate or help me build the scooter in perspective. I’m using Bienfang Tracing paper […]

Video: Pinewood Derby/ Toy Car Sketch Demo

We’ve had quite a few requests on how to draw cars, and while I am no exotic car designer, I can draw a mean pinewood derby/toy car. The principles are the same – basic perspective, good line quality and line weight, proper control of your tool, and relax while you sketch. As you watch the […]

Video Tutorial: Canson Sketch of a Car

This is an update to the last Canson quick and dirty. This is the full speed ahead version and is just meant to show process. Presented by John.

Digital Canson quick and dirty

  See how to set up a quick and popular method for presenting your sketches. Learn how to create some drama through contrast and put together some quick hotness.

Shadows and Shading

When coming up with that amazing sketch you’ve been planning and working on, correct shading and rendering technique can make or break that sketch. In fact, if you overwork things, it can overwhelm the viewer, and if you underwork things, the sketch can seem weak and unimpressive. Finding that sweet spot is critical. Watch the […]

Flashlight Sketch

So you’ve got an orthographic (front view, sideview, or end view) sketch and you wanna make that sing in perspective? Better yet, what if you have one that’s circular in cross-section? Well, Luckily I’ve put together this awesome demo on just how to do that. I’m using Sketchbook Pro as my tool and a Wacom […]