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Photoshop for Apple iPad in Development

Well, well, well. This is VERY VERY exciting news. Now before you say, “Hey, I’ve seen this before. Just another photo editing app…”, take a look at this. Adobe has just revealed a version of photoshop in development for tablets and demoed said app on the Apple iPad. The demo was unveiled at the Photoshop […]

Sketch-A-Day 31

Sketch-A-Day 28: Too much TV

Photoshop I think I watched too much of this cartoon called M.A.S.K. and other cartoons like Silverhawks when I was younger. Now I know where it comes from. I can’t stop drawing them!

Sketch-A-Day 26

I decided to “paint” something today, and I use that word lightly. I am NOT an illustrator. Just having some light fun. Painter XI, Photoshop, Custom Brushes

Sketch-A-Day 23

Pencil + Photoshop

Video Tutorial: Digital sketch to analog look