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Update sketch!

So I just wanted to post an update and show an overlay sketch of the thumbnail video. I wanted to make sure you could see that it is possible to go in and continue to work out some of your thumbs while keeping them loose and interesting. This sketch was done by simply going over […]

The Human Head

So we have been noticing a lot of work popping up on the forum for the competition! One of the things we also noticed was that some of the “head sketches” showing off the product need a little love. I know first hand that people can be very intimidating to sketch! So here is a […]

Toolbox: Marker and Pen Cases

When looking for cases to hold all of your expensive pens and markers there are endless options out there. If you are in school, you are probably one of the many id students who hoard whatever nice juicy marker or pen you can get ahold of and hope it lasts a really long time! But […]

Video tutorial: Sketching hands

It is often beneficial to sketch up a quick idea or two of how a person interacts with a given product. Drawing in a human hand(s) to help present scale and orientation will allow you to quickly communicate exactly how the product lives in the human world. This video tutorial seeks to shed some light […]

Quick Tip: Refresh and Reuse Those Old Markers

So . . . you’re a poor college student, starving artist, or another casualty of the raging recession. Markers aren’t getting any cheaper, the refill inks can be terribly expensive – so what do you do? The solution is rubbing alcohol