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Sketch-A-Day Round Up: Week of January 25

Here’s a round-up of sketches from this week on My favorite one to sketch were the headphones and gloves. Check out the larger images after the break.

Sketch-A-Day is now

Sketch-A-Day started as small idea to get people motivated to doodle, scribble and scratch something every day. Now that I’ve been at it for 39 days without missing a beat, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. Let’s admit, sometimes the sketches aren’t exactly Industrial Design Related or even design related, but they’ve serve […]

Sketch-A-Day 22: SLR

I ♥ Photography

Sketch-A-Day 18: Yoda’s Second Cousin Twice Removed

Corel Painter XI, Custom Brushes

Sketch-A-Day 13: Heads + Faces

Well you know what they say  . . . of you’re not the best at something, keep practicing, and so I am. Ballpoint Pen in Moleskine and Prismacolor on Tracing Paper

Sketch-A-Day Forum

Since keeping up with the sketch-a-day feature, I’ve had a few requests for a place to post images and follow along with my lil practice activity here. So I’ve opened up a forum where you can start a thread, and post your own work. So head on over to the sketch-a-day forum, start your own […]

Sketch-A-Day 7: Irons

Doodling some Irons with a felt Pilot Fineliner pen

Sketch-A-Day 6: Curvilinear Forms

Pilot Fineliner + Bond Paper

Sketch-A-Day 5: Robo Insect Thing

Materials: Pilot Fineliner, Bond Paper, Canon Canoscan Scanner, Painter XI See the original after the jump…

Sketch-A-Day 4: Backpacks

Materials Used: Pilot Fineliner, Copic Marker, and Cheap Bond Paper

Sketch-A-Day 3: Air Care Doohickeys

Ballpoint Pen, and cheap bond paper.

Sketch-A-Day #2

Yes, I love to sketch robots, masks and suits. Frankly, they are one of my favorite things to sketch. People are a close second. Here’s the second installment. Keep checking everyday for a new sketch. I’m busy programming right now, so videos are in production, but not finalization. Thanks for your patience! Materials used: Red […]