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Wacom’s Tablet-less Pen

Ready for a new Wacom product? I am. They just release a new “real” pen that will record and transfer your wonderful sketches to the computer…kinda like a livescribe for artist. Sounds fun. I just hope the pen part last long enough so i’m not shelling out a fortune for replacement cartridges that only last a day. […]

Recycled Rubber Strap Pen Holder for Sketchbooks

If you love sketching, and you’re like me, then you might just be tempted to buy this AWESOME, yes AWESOME, accessory for that moleskine or other sketchbook you’ve been carrying around. This recycled rubber strap lets you take multiple pens and markers without much  added fuss. Not only that, but it looks like it helps keep […]

Interview: Worthy of a Gallery – Mr. John Bell

We searched far and wide and found an amazing talent to interview this month. His name is John Bell and his work is definitely worthy of a gallery. Mr. Bell has an Industrial Design background but followed a career and passion for concept art and movies. He has had a distinguished career (working on some […]

Sketchbook Update: Andres Parada

Andres Parada is at it again. We’re glad to have him on board and are excited to show off some more sketches that he’s added to the sketchbook section. He’s provided us with some exciting sketches as well as illustrations to add to the sketchbook. be sure to leave a comment on the site or […]

Toolbox: Levels of Sketching

I’ve met alot of designers in my limited experience that complain about the “sketchers”. Sometimes designers with an aptitude for sketching get labeled as being shallow or non-creative. However, I see sketching as a means to and ends rather than the end all. When all is said and done, regardless of how flashy the sketch may be or how killer it may look, the essence of why we sketch ideas as designers is seeded in effectively communicating those ideas to our clients. Sketching is our language of communication.

Toolbox: Sketchbooks and why they matter

So, I sketch on the train. Yes, I am THAT guy. The one you think is looking at you, but you’re not really sure about it . . . Yep, the guy with the sketchbook. I take my sketchbook most places I go. Why you ask . . . well it’s really simple. I love […]