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Here is a sweet site with all the video candy you could want. You get a decent view of process and there’s a lot of great artists. The videos are really sped up and there’s not a lot of info on the materials, time, or tools they used. But there’s a ton of inspirational content so i’m not complaining. Enjoy!

Kickstarter Project: MORE/REAL Stylus

I really love the idea behind this stylus for capacitive touch screens. the MORE/REAL Stylus uses the existing body of your favorite and familiar pens with a capacitive cap to give you a familiar feeling while sketching. I’m really looking forward to more thoroughly using these. I supported the project – Check it out and […]

Video: Part 1 of camera sketch – roughing it out

I know, I know. It’s been a while right?  No videos, no updates etc etc. I’ve had my hands in a few things lately and needless to say, I’v e been SUPER busy. I have some good plans for the site though– a way to simplify things if you will (more on that later, as […]

Video Tutorial: How to Show Transparency with Markers

After a few requests, I put together this video on how I do I transparency with markers. See the finished result after the break.

Sketch video on Copic site

Recently I was pointed to this short little video on the Copic marker site that gives a great little synopsis of why we (as designers) sketch and render. It features some work by Oliver Neuland (who seems to have a lot of sketch skills and natural talent!). One of my favorite lines from the short […]

Video Tutorial: Quick Toy Phone

So it’s always good to try new things and push your design skills. I thought it might be good for me to try and sketch out a toy of some sort to get myself into a different style/mood and to learn new things. I ended up doing just a basic little toy cell phone for […]

Video tutorial: Sketching hands

It is often beneficial to sketch up a quick idea or two of how a person interacts with a given product. Drawing in a human hand(s) to help present scale and orientation will allow you to quickly communicate exactly how the product lives in the human world. This video tutorial seeks to shed some light […]

Video tutorial: Form Development

As a designer it is important to be a form giver. One of the hardest things to do with a sketch is making something 2d appear 3d by giving it structure and a feeling of substance. Sometimes searching for form and developing surface is a matter of diving into some scrappy sketch exploration. This video […]

Video: Pinewood Derby/ Toy Car Sketch Demo

We’ve had quite a few requests on how to draw cars, and while I am no exotic car designer, I can draw a mean pinewood derby/toy car. The principles are the same – basic perspective, good line quality and line weight, proper control of your tool, and relax while you sketch. As you watch the […]

Video Tutorial: Basic Marker Technique

Some basic tips on marker application and usage. They’ll go a long way if you pay close attention.

Kiosk Sketch Demo

Check out this new fresh to death sketch of a kiosk. We show you how to add people to your sketches, work with grey marker and felt pens, and also using a background to pop and give context.

Digital Canson quick and dirty

  See how to set up a quick and popular method for presenting your sketches. Learn how to create some drama through contrast and put together some quick hotness.