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Unofficial Wacom Fan Concept

I’m not a huge fan of cintiqs. Not that they’re a bad idea, but the excessive cabling, bulk, heat and glare make them unusable for me. That said, I’ve always thought that a solution would be cutting out those things. Here’s a concept from Derick Schweppe,¬†one of our fans, that addresses this very issue. It’s […]

Video Tutorial: Quick Toy Phone

So it’s always good to try new things and push your design skills. I thought it might be good for me to try and sketch out a toy of some sort to get myself into a different style/mood and to learn new things. I ended up doing just a basic little toy cell phone for […]

Review: SketchBook Pro 2010

I spent a few hours this weekend playing around with my brand new copy of Autodesk’s new SketcBook Pro 2010. We had reported the announcement of it’s release a while back and now it’s here! For your delight, I will be providing a video reveiw of new and improved features this week. For those interested, […]

Video tutorial: Sketching hands

It is often beneficial to sketch up a quick idea or two of how a person interacts with a given product. Drawing in a human hand(s) to help present scale and orientation will allow you to quickly communicate exactly how the product lives in the human world. This video tutorial seeks to shed some light […]

Video: Pinewood Derby/ Toy Car Sketch Demo

We’ve had quite a few requests on how to draw cars, and while I am no exotic car designer, I can draw a mean pinewood derby/toy car. The principles are the same – basic perspective, good line quality and line weight, proper control of your tool, and relax while you sketch. As you watch the […]

Flashlight Sketch

So you’ve got an orthographic (front view, sideview, or end view) sketch and you wanna make that sing in perspective? Better yet, what if you have one that’s circular in cross-section? Well, Luckily I’ve put together this awesome demo on just how to do that. I’m using Sketchbook Pro as my tool and a Wacom […]

Quick Car Sketch

Quick how-to on gestural sketching with a digital medium. Emphasis on expressive lines, and gestural technique.

Robot Sketching

I love robots. You love robots, and better yet, if you’re reading this, you love sketching. Here’s my process on how to sketch and doodle your ideas digitally. My weapon of choice? Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk.

SLR Camera Sketch

Here at IDSKETCHING.COM, we love cameras, so much so that we decided to do a sketch demonstration featuring an SLR-ish camera. Done in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Ellipse Basics

Ellipses can be a pain. Watch this video to find out why and how to get perfect results by following some basic rules.

Backpack Sketch

Quick backpack sketch done and presented using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. Using a pencil? The same technique applies to you.

Sketchbook Pro – Basics

Here are some basic tips presented to you by John Muhlenkamp. He’s our resident Sketchbook Pro expert and has some good tips for you on how to get started sketching digitally.