Wacom’s Tablet-less Pen

Ready for a new Wacom product? I am. They just release a new “real” pen that will record and transfer your wonderful sketches to the computer…kinda like a livescribe for artist. Sounds fun. I just hope the pen part last long enough so i’m not shelling out a fortune for replacement cartridges that only last a day. Blah!

You can find out more here.

Thanks to shiroc for posting this in the forums 😉

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  • Nelson


    I’d have to try this, but it seems mainly useful for initial doodles and sketches. Does not appear to allow for more then just simple line work digital recording. And you’d still need a tablet if you want to build on top of the sketch in Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. Which I bet is the workflow.

    I can see it appealing to those who don’t like working on a Cintiq. But it doesn’t appear to allow you to have the ability to do shading effects you can get from a Prismacolor pencil.

    The only really cool thing is converting linework to vector art.

    • http://profiles.google.com/nate.finlay Nathanael Finlay

      Totally 100% agree.  Im a more traditional sketcher so im a bit curious about how it can smooth out/speed up that transition from tradition to digital.

      Plus its a new gadget for me to play with. 😉

  • Ivoyou

    What I`m worried about is the pen. It is a special kind, must be more expensive than Uni. That will be a huge cost for us sketching everyday.

  • Damien

    Just in case you are not aware: Wacom told that pen refill are standard ones (Parker, etc …). So it should last as long as already existing ball pen using those kind of refill.

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  • rockanon

    We ran a trial on these at our office.

    I was supposed to use it for about a month or so and report on my findings. By the end of the month I had stopped using it altogether. I ran into issues like wavy paper causing tracking issues, lines changing registration unexpectedly if I revisited older areas of the same drawing (during the same sketch period), and even sketching for 30 minutes only to realize I had forgotten to turn the unit on.  It seemed to add a layer of frustration to an otherwise zen-like task. nothing gets more simple than a Bic and a sheet of printer paper.

    On a positive note, it was nice to be able to adjust lines in illustrator (since you can import directly to vector) and being able to adjust and change line weights on the fly was handy. The “Add Layer” button was a great way to separate out my sketching to anticipate some of the gadget’s shortcomings.

    With that said,  there were 3 other people in the trial, 2 of which still use theirs. I’ve since returned mine.

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