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So recently, I decided to do some quick video posts on with a very handy camera rig that allows me to set up and record with my iPhone as the camera. Makes me wish I didn’t spend all that money on camera equipment in the past.

I don’t have as much time as I used to to make, edit, and record audio for videos, so this works out great. I just need to get an actual idsketching video up as well.

Check it out here, and if you like what you see, hop on over to, the sketch-a-day Facebook page or subscribe to the youtube channel.


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  • Steve Casper

    Sweet sketch Spencer!

  • Mramdarass

    watching your hand blur as you fill in the shading for the shadow of the copier reminds me of a printer head. so fast. even though it’s sped up. your control and back and forth strokes are so parallel and right on. such an inspiration.

    • snugja



  • Anonymous

    I had my morning coffee seeing your drawing folding up. Don’t need to say it got cold.
    Fabulous work which impressed me total.
    How long did the real sketching work take?
    Your Austrian fan,

    • snugja

      Not sure on this one. About 7/10 minutes I think.


  • Gabriel Gonzaga

    Once again, amazing work, Spencer! I wonder what kind of paper did you use for this particular sketch.

    • snugja

      This was printer paper.