Mr. Imagination…

These videos are a bit idealistic…and sales driven. But there are some great points and reminders on how to design products with sustainability in mind.( It’s nice exciting to see more companies focus on this.) However, im ultimately posting them for the sketches. “Mr. Imagination” does a pretty good job about communicating complex ideas with simple visual elements. (portfolio fodder!) You can see more at Autodesk Edu.

  • matt marrocco

    since when does Non work @ Autodesk?

  • Billyb

    Sick of all these BS videos.. How about you do a video of you drawing like the good ol days! This sucks.

    • snugja

      Sorry. Been busy with life lately. I know it sounds like a cheap excuse, but it’s reality. I have changes in the works that should make my posting videos easier, but enough with promises, just hang tight and I’ll be posting more soon.

    • Marcgrahame

      It’s not everyday someone gives a load of really useful information for free, give spencer a chance and stop being an impatient arse… Thank you snuja for continually supplying a great insight in to how you work. You are a great inspiration. And FYI I found that video exceedingly helpful.

  • Drifterdave

    Why is there no videos on this site anymore :(

    • snugja

      Working on it. For now visit


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  • mpbuquet

    Just finished working on a smartphone designed to combat this problem

    some of progress is shown on my blog: