Video: Part 2 of camera sketch – Finishing Up

IDSKETCHING.COM: Camera Sketch Part 2 from Industrial Design Sketching on Vimeo.

In part two of the camera sketch series, we go over pencil sketch, layout, notes, and marker application to finish things off. I know guys. This took a while to get up here, but I finally got around to getting the audio all done.

For reference, here’s part one of the video –

  • Korry

    I need a T shirt.. ” Go light until you get it right” on it..with a baller sketch.

  • Adnan Hadi

    Well done Spencer!

  • Tony_tha_Mastha

    Great work. Loved these videos.
    Can’t wait for more to come.

  • tay

    Thanks, I’m learning from you everyday!


    Awesome! Great job Spencer!

  • Martin Spurway


  • Jonas

    Thanks for this awesome content! I started industrial design engineering this year, and i really enjoy drawing. This website motivates me to learn outside of the classes and just draw a lot!

  • Anonymous

    Wow… awesome!

  • Brent

    how do you get that camera view? i always see this on sketching videos but i have never known. Thanks

  • Becky

    good job i also do the same is not easy to work with markers unless you know what you doing I  am  a pro artist myself  i  will you from ten  stars one which is  good  keep it up 

  • Marko13

    Amazing, thanks for these beautiful videos and really nice work. I am looking forward to see more of your vid’s.