Book Review – I Draw Cars: Sketchbook & Reference Guide

We just got the previously announced I DRAW CARS by Matt Marrocco and Adam Hubers. Its a nice textured hard bound book and like the title states its meant to be a sketch assistant. It’s more like a mole skin sketchbook with helpful tips and resources than a fancy car book with pretty renderings.

The book has been broken up into 4 sections. The first section covers everything from diagrams and terms used in the car design industry to a list of car manufactures and inspiring/helpful websites. From there you get into the nitty gritty of car design.

Proportion, perspective, and advanced perspective. In these sections the authors do a wonderful job about giving you the building blocks of a good car sketch. They show you the different proportions for each basic type of vechile and then you can actually sketch right in the book. This can be very helpful as it will give you a direct comparison with the sketch on the previous page.

This same format is followed in the next chapters with the added benefit of having your wheel base drawn for you so you can become more aquainted with correct perspective and proportion. Most of this information can be found on the net but you do have to dig a bit and this is a nice one stop shop for all your basic car design information.

Overall it’s a well-crafted and contains some very useful information. I would recommend this book to beginners and intermediates who are looking to get their feet wet in car design, but you might struggle a bit with the price of the book when compared to the content your getting.

  • humperduperdeedoo

    looks the goods! 
    you get what you pay for; such is life 

  • Nick McGonagle

    just got mine…can’t wait to get down to usin it!

  • Cheukyin Ho

    how much is it??
    Except the car of sketching, what kind of design is included??

    • Nathanael Finlay

      the one we got was 25 USD

  • Just Draw with Me

    Looks Great, looking forward for one.

  • Tano Ece

    i can`t buy it anymore :(

  • Jon Estle

    I got a copy of this too. I was a proud early kickstarter backer. I take this book everywhere and already have it almost done

    • 297260657

      i can not buy it anywhere,Can I have a look at your book?

  • Dave

    It’s not bad. I got mine as a gift after hinting at it for a bit. Not super impressed but not completely disappointed. It’s good if you can’t bother to get ellipse guides and start. Great to keep you’re muscle memory in shape as you tend to do a few pages at a time. 

  • Goodhuman392

    helo please guide to me what pencel is to your use for pencel sketching? please write the number of these kinds

  • Totocuerna9

    yo pague por ese libro hace 5 semanas y no me ha llegado, es un fraude, no lo paguen, no lo compren

    • Just Draw with Me

      What he or she said in Spanish…”I paid for that book for 5 weeks and has not come, is a fraud, do not pay, do not buy”.Perhaps contact the admin? misleading perhaps? I doubt they would “scam” one person when it’s a huge company that depends on the reputation of it’s users.

  • orbital welders

    Looks useful, as long if you work in the car industry!

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  • Riel

    Hi! if i want to buy this book, where i can find? =S

    • Fox Designer its $20

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  • Ososa
  • Industri porte

    We just got the previously announced I DRAW CARS by Matt Marrocco and Adam Hubers. Its a nice textured hard bound book and like the title states its meant to be.

  • aleksander

    Warning dont buy this book its an overpriced sketch pad, only 3 pages of useful instructions the rest is blank. I paid $25 for this shit

    • umair

      is that really?
      i’m gonna buy it after somedays !
      telme is that really useful ?

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  • Lê An

    Hello! You also taught drawing of what others do not?

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