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Earthbaked: Biodegradable footwear

I’m usually more than a little skeptical when I hear the words green, recyclable, sustainable and so on used to describe a product or its lifecycle. Earthbaked is a great idea by my buddy Steve Boynton, who actually introduced me to the field of Industrial Design. Earthbaked is an environmentally responsible shoe that is made […]

Design Modeling by Jude Pullen

Jude Pullen, an accomplished design modeler by trade who works for Dyson, yes THAT Dyson, is throwing a workshop on January 26th called “Geeklates”. Jude will be covering a variety of modeling techniques, including foam modeling, modeling with plastic sheeting, and modeling using cardboard, and believe me, the man can put together a wicked cardboard […]

500 A Collection of Sketches by Spencer Nugent

Now available for the iPad in the iBookstore, and coming soon PDF for download for iPhone, Android, and whatever you’d like to use it on. Click on the image to download the free PDF sample.   A long time ago, when I was still learning how to sketch and visualize design concepts, my professor at the […]

Thought @ Work Workshop at RIT | REGISTER NOW

The IDSA at RIT is hosting what promises to be a great workshop. It’s called Thought @ Work and features the likes of Jeff Smith, whose work you can find in the sketchbook section, Don Lehman, creator of the More/Real capacitive touch stylus which you may recognize from Kickstarter. Sign up and more information can […]

Vote in the HP ENVY Laptop Bag Competition

Out of over 340 entries, John Muhlenkamp, and Spencer Nugent’s designs were picked to be in the top 40 by a jury of designers. We both need your help to be placed in the top 5 by amassing as many votes as possible, so tell your friends, families and anyone to just vote. Take a […]

Review: Mobius Stylus for Capacitive Screens

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to using the iPad, or another capacitive screened tablet, I rarely use it for serious work. in fact, I probably won’t ever use it for serious design work until there’s a wacom digitizer integrated into my iPad. Yes, I’m strictly an apple guy.  That being […]

Vote for John

Speaking of shoes, John Muhlenkamp, co-founder of IDSketching and my design partner, put together this sick shoe concept for PowerForce. Now, you may not have heard of PowerForce, and frankly wi didn’t before, but be sure to check out the link and vote for his concept. PowerForce put on this competition to help jumpstart their […]

Fresh Website: CNCPT Kicks

Check out the newest website/online magazine from Daniel Bailey – Concept Kicks. You may recognize Daniel’s work on the Monkee Design Blog where he always has some fresh inspiration and design insight. Concept kicks is all about footwear, but not just sketching. Daniel aims for his site to be the definitive source for all things footwear […]

All About Markers

Video: All about markers by Axel Egolf of Acadesign.

Sketch-A-Day Videos

Check out this latest video from Sketch-A-Day where I walk through a quick 7 minute sketch of a garden spade. I’ve been trying to do more video as of late on sketch-a-day in a short form/quick post format. Check out the Sketch-A-Day youtube channel as well if you have a minute. Enjoy.

Tee Shirts

For a limited time, I’ll be printing a short run of tee shirts. I’m doing them for me, but also thought, hey, maybe some people would want one of these. There’s an IDSKETCHING variant as well as Two Sketch-a-day variants as well. Prices will be listed soon, but if you’re interested, email me spencer [at] […]

New Design Blog – CHINA DESIGN HUB

My good friend and inspiration, Waikit Chung, has recently launched another website – CHINADESIGNHUB. Be sure to check it out and show your support for asian design. From the about section of the site: The main purpose of this site is to promote quality and original designs from China, by designers who work in China. […]