Unofficial Wacom Fan Concept

I’m not a huge fan of cintiqs. Not that they’re a bad idea, but the excessive cabling, bulk, heat and glare make them unusable for me. That said, I’ve always thought that a solution would be cutting out those things.

Here’s a concept from Derick Schweppe, one of our fans, that addresses this very issue. It’s lightweight (I hope) tablet that runs Android OS with Wacom technology that would allow for full pressure sensitivity sketching without the bulk and the annoying cables.

Here’s a bit from Derek on the tablet concept –

The tablet can be used as an input for fully featured software such as photoshop. The wacom tablet incorporates a dual digitizer with both active pen and touch input. When sketching with the pen palm rejection is activated. The tablet utilizes a high quality IPS display.

One can only dream right?

Here’s a pic and for the full gallery check out his flickr page.

Wacom Tablet Concept

Wacom Tablet Concept

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  • Jeff Greger

    Been thinking about the need for a decent pressure-sensitive tablet ever since the whole tablet rage started. Would love to have something portable and potentially more affordable than a Cintiq. The closest I have gotten in the past to this functionality is an old Toshiba m200 tablet pc, but that is still bulky and can’t be used with my full power desktop.

  • Thomasjowen

    why doesnt somebody just make it!!!

    ive been stalling on buying a tablet for years now until there one on the market that i can carry about and use on the train etc – and without a clamshell design!

  • Robharding

    @ Thomasjowen

    Seriously agree! How long does it take, I mean all the technology is out there.

    Bit bummed with Apple for not getting their act together, I think they just love creating a suspense vacuum, so they can whip the sales.

  • Jack

    There is something like this out there
    its called asus slate 😉 and running windows 7

    • snugja

      Does it exist? I don’t believe it’s shipping. Besides that, it has one major flaw – it’s running Windows.

      • Jack

        yes, there are also videos of it on youtube, which are comparing it to a cintiq
        windows is no flaw dude, its possbile to run photoshop cs5 and autodesk sketchbook

  • Sj-k1228

    It’s so simple
    That my style

  • Eduardo2sem


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  • Isaac Chavira

    I would buy this rightnow! Man this would be perfect for me. At home or on the go.

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