Should we write a book?


It’s been discussed, and discussed . . . Should we write a book? Would anyone be interested or want to buy it? What would you want to see in it? Should it be one or a series? How about a book with a DVD included? So. . . . The question of the day is (drum roll please)

Would you buy an book?

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Let us know why or why not in the comments below. We’d love to know what you think.

As of right now, we have mixed feelings about it, but if we get enough positive replies, we just might do it after all . . .

  • Thesirduke

    Go for it… It would be more inspiring for designers that already review this site…  A great look nonetheless… 

  • Matt Lu

    I think that would be better tutoring book than SKETCH

  • Spencer Neal

    I think that you should definitely write a series of books/DVD’s from basic to advanced just as you would find in a college or design school.  I have found it quite difficult to learn these skills because of lack of resources.  Please write/create books/ DVDs.  I would definitely buy them!!!

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  • Jbla

    Yep. Everything you know!

  • ballzdeepdesign

    yeah, i guess, but put sketches that aren’t already over the friggin internet, like every other book out there. And leave out the traditional how to sketch a cube, and basic perspective, you should already know this shit if you’re buying the book. show us something we don’t already know. Teach me something, inspire me, don’t regurgitate the same shit in every sketching book !

  • Subash

    Absolutely . There is no need to even ask that question :) 

  • Jean Claude de La Ronde

    Absolutely. There are lots of guys like me out there who are better at learning on their own pace and I think that by giving us a thorough book with exercises ranging from the basic warm ups to the more complex things.

    I would even maybe if you have the budget to start a DVD Series on the subject. Like what are doing.

    Thank you for reading,

    Jean Claude de La Ronde,

    • snugja

      Thanks. It’s in the works!

  • Nabirye

    you are  great  clear, friendly and articulate communicators with an infectious  passion for what you do and obvious skill…………  a book already……….dvds even.

    • snugja

      Working on it!


  • Rhys Ellis

    i would buy two.

    1. to look at all the pretty sketches

    2. to actually read it.

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  • X_tarek

    id love to buy one! u guys are awesome and have the competence to do so.. and from all the videos i see that you can also teach, or have that clear way of telling things

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  • Darshan

    Just do it!

  • Fuzzball

    Would love a series to help out a range of designers for different needs. For example, a beginners guide to sketching and rendering, going over foundation techniques such as 3-point-perspective, shading, shadows, orthographic projections. Include some of the following: step-by-step features, tips, excercises and any other essential framework to become a great communicater. Other books and/or DVD’s may include essential tools of a designer. What markers or variety of markers are best and why? What laptop/computer is best to use with different CAD programmes or what is a good utitilty option? What tablet is best for the different kind of designers (beginners, intermediate etc.)

    Other things the series may consist of is project process. Where to start when given a brief, where to extract your inspiration from? When to sketch, model, refine, develop etc.
    I know a lot of the previous mentioned is contained within your website, but sometimes its nice to be able to refer to a book than a media device whilst following tutorials etc.

    Just go for it guys, I recon I would be able to obtain and gain so much from a book/DVD or ultimately a series including both and I’m sure many people will agree! It will defo be a hit. Good luck and thankyou so far for the material you are providing!

  • BK

    I would maybe buy the book, but I would much rather see this site or a satellite site that masters teaching design via the web, instead of publishing a book and/or series of books that can get out-dated. A design website specifically for teaching would allow any updates to be integrated into the “lessons” or tutorials, because. after all, the way designers get their ideas across effectively has changed over time.

  • Scott

    A book which includes step by step intsructions for getting started (advice on materials and step by step tutorials leading to more general tips) would be really great. So I guess a series from getting started to advanced would make sense to me.

  • flexzuu

    I would buy books that introduce me in the fundamentals and how to get started drawing a series would be great too. Digital and Analog with focus on Digital would be great. So in conclusion a How to get started in sketching series that evolves with their readers would be nice. Sry for the bad english…

  • kdsii

    I would like a book that just focuses on the fundamentals in practical terms as well as the ‘why’ of the approach. More step by step demos and breakdowns of common difficult drawing problems explained would be nice.

  • Dave

    I would like to get a book or books that contains all I need to know about sketching rather than piecing things together from all over the internet. A book of sketching fundamentals would also get me more enthusiastic about drawing and let me progress at my own pace. A video included in the book would also be helpful to explain more deeply the skills being taught.

  • Phil Gapp

    I’d buy and appreciate anything you guys put together! My only personal request is to cover some ways to practice and grow from a single, self-taught ‘style’ into a more versatile sketcher. Thank you for asking.

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  • PatriotGal2257

    Since there are so few books around on sketching techniques for industrial design, it would be great if you put one together. Your site is terrific, don’t get me wrong, but it would also be useful to have a reference to use offline as well where the bulk of my practice takes place.

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