Video: Desert Trakker

This video was hanging out in my video archives for some time and I pulled it out today. Now I know people want more product sketches, and there will be some. My microphone broke, so there’s no audio on this one. So hop into itunes, put on some of your favorite music and watch along (I suggest “Boards of Canada”). Remember to enter the Survival Kit competition! Time’s running out :-) Check out the forums to see what people are up to.

Tools used: Macbook Pro 17″, Sketchbook Pro 2010, and a Wacom cintiq of course :-)

Oh . . . and it’s a LONG video, so sit tight. Might take a bit of time to load it.


Oh . .  and if you go to, you can watch ALL our videos in HD.

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  • anuar portugal

    I really enjoy the video, but i got a questionand a comment , We are seeing the back of the vehicle right?
    if that’s the case, the guide lines (where its supposed to be the front of the vehicle) suggest movement, they suggest that we are seeing the front ,not the back. Like the vehicle going fast from right to left.
    I got the conclussiong that we are looking the back cuz the lights are red and there are lateral mirrors in the front and i thing l’m right, or not?
    well L thing thats all
    be fine! and of couse thanks for the video, =)

  • Spencer Nugent

    yeah it’s the back. sorry for the confusion I guess.

  • Claudio Onix

    He is right, but love it anyway… I hope do something like it using my photoshop. The video help us to understand the process. Nice job!

  • Markus

    Tools used: Macbook Pro 17″, Sketchbook Pro 2010…you sure nothing with the brand Wacom was used???

    • Spencer Nugent

      Nope. I used just a mouse. Hehe just kidding. I used a cintiq 12wx. Forgot to mention that I guess.

  • Markus


  • Phil

    lol, i dont see where all this confusion of where the car is facing is about. The sketch looks great! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. =)

  • ZB

    Thanks for the video! By the way, may I know where do you get that color palette? I just got my sketchbook pro recently and the default color palette was really “awesome”. And oh yes, i’m still a beginner. Please guide me along. Thanks.

    • Spencer Nugent

      I’m using a mac, and that is the default color palette for the system. It’s different from windows.