How to Sketch With Contour Lines

I’ve recently had quite a few requests for a quick overview of contour line sketching and how it works. In this video, I go over a few tips and tidbits on how to quickly show form using simple contour lines while sketching. As always, feel free to share the video and leave comments below. If you’re having trouble viewing all the videos, check out for all our archive of videos. Spencer out.

P.S. my apologies for the shaky camera – I’m using a new camera rig that I am trying to perfect.

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  • Ivan

    Its amaizing ^^

  • Andoni

    This tips will really help me improving my sketching!!

  • Arturo Ariño

    This is really good!!

  • Paula Urbani

    really usefull!!
    you’re awesome!!!

  • Boo707

    how did you do this??? can i borrow you sometime?? LMFAO

  • Rumeysa Akar


  • Will

    so helpful, thank you so much!

  • Sportfanatic09

    I’m so envious of how true and confident your lines are! Truly brilliant!

  • Jmechie

    What fine liner are you using here? 

    • snugja

      Pilot fineliner


  • Lindsay

    I sat watching this (UK) and this is an amazingly intuitive way to teach art. I’ll be watching for the next video, these are fantastic, I’ve learned so much in a few minutes. Keep them coming!

  • Matty A

    dude, you smash it… you’ve really inspired me to care less about the business side of things and get back on the designing vibe, its what sets my soul alive and you’ve been the spark for it again so big yourself up brother

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  • Ro

    I spent yesterday watching your videos and at the end of the day I could sketch much better!

  • Bertschurgers

    you sketch really well, sick!!! I hate you!!
    just kidding of course!! nice work, it’s really handy to have a quick peek at your video’s

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  • rouzbeh

    very useful

  • robbish

    such confidence in your lines!  your sketches are similar to my masterpieces… hahahaha

    no pencils??? i admire and envy you.

  • Marcygarzais

    you draw with such ease. ugh. i wish i could do that. i mean, i can draw, but i can only sketch stuff that im looking at, i can’t draw from my mind. and i can only draw awesome SOMETIMES. 

  • Jesus Verdin

    great job 

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  • you-gotta-deal-with-it

    why are you so perfect?! D:< such beautifulness

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  • kc

    Thankful i found this! Can i know the markers/pens/paper you’re using?

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  • Online Strategies

    There is lot of learning here. keep it up.

  • Alan Kwok

    I’ve learnt a lot from you. Thank you for the video!

  • Lht

    really help me a lot to understand these skills, thank you made this

  • J.Perez

    Sencillamente Maravilloso!!

  • miki

    you were amazing! I just loved watching the video, you draw really smoothly, i hope i can too soon!

  • Jenny

    This is really helpful, I’ve learned about contour lines the first semester of Id, but this helps solidify how to use it. Thanks!!

  • 8lackie

    helpful, thank you!

  • Peter Legge

    Really excellent talk and wonderful drawing. Thank you……

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